All-round E85s(Blue)

All-round E85s(Blue)

  • All-round E85s(Blue)
  • All-round E86s(Red)
  • All-round E87s(Gold)
  • All-round E55s(Yellow)
  • All-round E56s(Red)
  • All-round E57s(Green)
  • All-round E58s(Blue)
  • 520B
  • 520A
  • All-Round E55L
  • Beginner Series (All-Round)
  • All-Round E88L(white)
  • Beginner Series (All-Round)
  • All-Round E89L(White)

KUMPOO Beginner Series (All-Round)

From 80,00

Gosen G-tone series for hard hitting sense and TAAN TB-99 for high elasity hittig sense.

From 17lb/7.7kg to 35lb/15.9kg

Please let us know if you have other demands

Kumpoo beginner series aim at the first racket for beginners. It can also be a good option when a player would like to have a spare racket. All rackets of this series are made of high quality carbon graphite.

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