Offensive Kevlar A600

Offensive Kevlar A600

  • Offensive Kevlar A600
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  • Offensive Graphene
  • Defensive Graphene
  • Offensive Graphene 2
  • Special Material Series (Offensive)

KUMPOO Special Material Series (Offensive)

230,00 €

Gosen G-tone series for hard hitting sense and TAAN TB-99 for high elasity hittig sense.

From 17lb/7.7kg to 35lb/15.9kg

Please let us know if you have other demands

Kumpoo special material series applies unique materials for racket frames. All well-selected materials brings great characteristic to frame properties. Kevlar is widely used in making armor products. By applying Kevlar material in racket frame, it has significant result in lightness, shock absorption and strength. By applying Basalt material, the noise and shock could be greatly reduced.

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