Shirt printing

Shirt printing

Shirt printing

Please choose how many rows. Default printing is on the back of the shirt.

Please choose the color for printing. Default "not selected"

Please seperate each printing line as own row. Line 1: Player name such as 'LEE C W', 'JORGENSEN', etc. The height of player name is 6-12cm according to BWF. Please clarify the printing demand for instance 'LIN D 6cm'. Line 2: This line is for club, nation, company, team name, etc. The height of this line accoridng to BWF is 5cm. Please clarify printing demand as 'FINLAND 5cm'. Line 3: This line is for advertising. It can campany name, web address etc. or it can logo. Instruction for sending logo are mentioned below.

This line is alternative choide for advertising line. It is for sponsor logo, team logo, etc. Please upload vector format for a best printing result. The height of logo is 5cm in height according to BWF. Please mark the name of the vector file the size of printing such as '5cm*28cm'.

We are able to make customized printing according to customer needs such as embroid with service of convert picture format to vector format, color printing, etc. Please let us know your printing demand and we will quote you an offer.


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