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Internet shop available under address badmintonquality.com is led by:

Badminton Quality
Hakatie 1
65630 Mustasaari, Finland
tel. +358451735300

bank account:
BANK NAME: Nordea Bank Finland Plc
OWNER: Badminton Quality
IBAN: FI16 1789 3000 0037 22




Badmintonquality.com internet shop – shop under badmintonquality.com web address which is selling products using internet.

Warehouse – a place where orders placed by Customers are assembled.

Working days – every day of the week from Monday till Friday, excluding days free of work by law.

Order realization time – time in which badmintonquality.com assembles the order and transfer the order from warehouse, using the post office or dispatch rider services, to address appointed by Customer.

Cart – badmintonquality.com shop element used by Customer to list the details of order such as: quantity, shipment address, invoice data, delivery method, payment method etc. Customer, by placing an order can enter discount code which authorizes him to receive cash discount.

Products website – is website available under badmintonquality.com web address on which all available products are presented.

Payment performing contractor – Outside contractor for badmintonquality.com internet shop which mediates in payment realization using electronic money transfer, bank transfer or credit card.



  1. Internet shop available under badmintonquality.com website address, allows to buy products using Internet.
  2. Customer can place orders 24 hours a day using internet website badmintonquality.com. Customer place orders by pointing to product, which he is interested in, using ‘Add to basket' button and then by selecting delivery method and payment method in the cart itself.
  3. Primary condition for shopping at badmintonquality.com is to correctly fill out the form available at badmintonquality.com, selecting the delivery method, payment method and sending the order.
  4. Customer placing the order concluding the sales agreement for ordered products with internet shop badmintonquality.com
  5. The orders are accepted only when they are placed using internet website badmintonquality.com or by e-mail sent to always@badmintonquality.com. After placing an order using the form available at badmintonquality.com the Customer will receive an e-mail information with unique order number. This e-mail also guarantees that Customer`s order was placed correctly and was delivered to badmintonquality.com
  6. Acceptance of order is confirmed via e-mail.
  7. The Customer must share personal information which will allow internet shop badmintonquality.com to contact the Customer and to send the ordered products.
  8. After placing the order Customer will receive an e-mail with unique order number. This e-mail also guarantees that order was placed correctly and was delivered to badmintonquality.com.
  9. Orders placed on Sundays and days free of work (feast days) will be considered in the order they came into the badmintonquality.com
  10. Badminton Quality has right to reject the placed order provided that the order is incorrectly filled or incomplete. The orders will be rejected also when:
    • The transaction will not be authorized in payment system (by authorization it`s meant locking the money on Customer account/credit card)
    • Money will not be transferred to Badminton Quality account in timely manner.
    • Package shipped will not be picked up by the Customer.
  11. Orders can be placed only in European Union. Orders can be delivered in English or Finnish. Customers from other countries must contact with Customer support for possibility of shipment to other countries.
  12. Badmintonquality.com does not bear the responsibility for not delivering the ordered equipment, delays in the delivery or for lack of orders processing the orders due to incorrect or incomplete data given by Customer regarding the delivery address.
  13. If there will be no products at the warehouse for which the order was placed and badmintonquality.com will not have possibility to order these products from supplier in timely manner, badmintonquality.com will inform the Customer via e-mail request to Customer to decide about further action to be taken by badmintonquality.com.
  14. If the whole or part of the order accomplishment is not possible the badmintonquality.com can decide to split the order into parts and shipment only the part of the order or it can decide about the cancellation of order.
  15. If the order will be split due to lack of ordered products, Customer will be charged only for the firsts shipment, other shipments will be pay by badmintonquality.com
  16. Independently from the above point, in case of lack of products in the warehouse or no possibility to execute the Customer`s order, badmintonquality.com has the right to withdrawn from the sales agreement during 14 days, starting from the agreement draw up period. If the time of order execution is longer than 14 days badmintonquality.com has a right to withdrawn the sales agreement during the time of order execution. If the payment for order was made in advanced, badmintonquality.com will return Customer his claim during the 7 calendar day period starting from the order cancellation.
  17. By sending the order, Customer is stating that he`s familiarized himself with Terms and Conditions of the badmintonquality.com shop.



  1. Changes in the order can be made by Customer till the time the order is shipped to Customer.
  2. Changes can made by Customer when Customer will contact with customer service at badmintonquality.com using the e-mail address:              always@badmintonquality.com
  3. Changes can concern: cancellation of part or whole order, changes in shipment address, changes in the data used for invoice. In case of order cancellation, if Customer paid in advance, he`s claim will be returned in 7 calendar day period from the order cancellation. The claim will be returned on the same Customer account from which the order was paid. If customer does not have a personal account, his or her claim will be returned using Postal money order, on address advised by Customer.



  1. Prices available at badmintonquality.com are:
    • including tax included and are quoted in Euro
    • are not including shipment charges
  2. Final price for a product at badmintonquality.com is a price quoted in moment of placing the order.
  3. Badminton Quality is drawing invoices or receipts.



  1. Payments for products, which will be delivered to European Union countries, can be made:
    • personally, payment is made by cash and products are available at selected by Customer POD (point of delivery). In this case order execution will begin after Customer finishes placing order at badmintonquality.com
    • personally, payment is made by cash and products are delivered by dispatcher or Post Office. In this case order execution will begin after Customer finishes placing order at badmintonquality.com
    • Bank money transfer/Bank wire payment, credit card, direct E-banking – order execution will begin as soon as badmintonquality.com receives confirmation that money where transferred.



  1. If after receiving the equipment Customer will spot defects which originated during the manufacture, he has a right to use the guarantees given.
  2. In case if Customer will raise mechanic defects which were originated during shipment or while standard using of equipment, Customer responsibility is to send mentioned equipment to badmintonquality.com address. Shop will not accept packages paid on delivery.
  3. Package needs to have purchase paper.
  4. Complains are considered up to 14 days from receiving the package with equipment.
  5. In case of well-grounded guarantee claim, the equipment will be repaired or replaced with a new one. If any of this option will not be possible (equipment shortage) Customer will receive re-fund or will have right to select other equipment from the offered on we site badmintonquality.com to the price of destroyed equipment. Complain must have description of defect and the date when defect was spotted.
  6. Cost for resending the delivered products will be paid by Customer.



  1. Badminton Quality is abide by the law concerning rules of safety.
  2. More information about shipment and dispatch prices can be found under „Transaction Security”, which is also part of given “Terms & Conditions”.



  1. Filling out the form available at badmintonquality.com is considered as an agreement that Customer`s personal information will be processed by Badminton Quality. Customer`s personal information will be processed only to follow the process of order execution, issuing an invoice or financial reporting. Customer`s personal information are confidential and will not be provide to the 3rd party.
  2. Customer`s personal information is not transferred, sold or lend other parties or institutions. These data are necessary to meet the sales agreement between badmintonquality.com and Customer.
  3. Access to Customer`s personal information has only administrator of badmintonquality.com
  4. Any Customer who filled out the form available at badmintonquality.com can anytime ask to change, view or remove he`s personal information by writing to our shop at: always@badmintonquality.com



  1. Presence of product at badmintonquality.com shop does not necessarily mean that particular product is available and that the order will be fulfilled.
  2. Badmintonquality.com does not take responsibility for blocked by server administrators e-mails sent by badmintonquality.com to Customer on the e-mail address appointed by Customer, or e-mails blocked by software installed on Customer`s computer.
  3. Differences between the products visualization, available at badmintonquality.com which are result of Customer`s personal monitor settings (like color, proportion etc.) will result in negative claim outcome.
  4. Badmintonquality.com aims to show the most accurate and up-to-date offer on its website. Because there might become errors in the presented offer due to actualizations (e.g. price, configuration etc.)- these errors will be corrected during the order execution.
  5. Badminton Quality has a right to:
    • change the prices of products in internet shop products catalogue, with restriction to already placed or executed orders.
    • withdrawn of certain products from the badmintonquality.com offer.
    • introduction of new products to badmintonquality.com offer.
    • performing and withdraw any promotions, contests and sales.
    • In any matter that is not regulated by this Terms & Conditions the orders of finnish civil code should be used.
    • Sales agreement is drawn in accordance to finnish law.
    • If Customer would like place wholesale order, he should contact with badmintonquality.com at: always@bamintonquality.com




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